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02nd May 2019

Gary Lineker and Rio Ferdinand celebrated Messi’s free-kick exactly like the rest of us

Kyle Picknell

Unless you’re a Liverpool fan, obviously

In case you weren’t aware, Lionel Messi is still some kind of alien that crash-landed in the Andes 31 and a bit years ago. Last night, as his team dismantled Liverpool to win 3-0 at the Nou Camp in their Champions League semi-final first leg, he did this to score his 600th goal for Barcelona.

Say that again. Number six hundred. This. This!

Like we said: an alien.

You were probably watching it last night anyway. Like everyone, it was probably #scenes and/or #limbs in the pub or living room you were watching it in.

Well, it appears it was like that just about everywhere, including the BT Sport box at the stadium, where Gary Lineker and Rio Ferdinand did the following after seeing Messi spank it into the postage stamp in the top corner from all of 35 yards.

It’s not as good as the goal, no, but for two men who have just about experienced it all when it comes to football, it’s pretty special. Gary Lineker’s open-mouthed expression as Messi begins his run-up, a bit like the emoji, says it all really.

This… this is the face you make when you see an extraterrestrial.