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14th Mar 2018

Fans anger as Neymar’s ‘tribute’ to Stephen Hawking spectacularly backfires

His social media post following the physicist's death has made a lot of people angry.

Kyle Picknell

Well this was poorly judged.

Neymar took to social media earlier today to update fans on his recovery progress as he comes back from injury. That sounds pretty innocuous, and you’d be right, if the PSG star hadn’t bizarrely attempted to honour Stephen Hawking, who sadly passed away today, in the same post.

It’s safe to say he got it all a bit wrong.

It’s safe to say he got it very wrong.

The quote, in Portuguese, is: “You have to have a positive attitude and get the best out of the situation in which you find yourself.”

Neymar. Mate. Come on.

Understandably, people weren’t best please with the Brazilian forward comparing his injury recovery to Stephen Hawking’s lifelong battle against motor neurone disease ALS, which he was diagnosed with at only 21.

Personally, I think they have a point. Needless to say, he got ridiculed for it.