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12th Jun 2021

Euro 2020 starts with remote control car and left everyone confused

Charlie Herbert

Peak 2021.

The Euros are upon us! Yes, Euro 2020 has finally kicked off (in 2021) and it got off to a great start with an extremely impressive Italy brushing aside Turkey in Rome.

However, one moment really stood out. No, it wasn’t Insigne’s lovely third goal. It was a much greater moment that even overshadowed a stirring rendition of Nessun Dorma from the great Andrea Bocelli.

So what star are we talking about? The remote controlled car that delivered the ball onto the pitch of course!

You read that correctly.

A little car zoomed onto the pitch, carrying the ball to the center circle so that the match could begin. And safe to say no one quite knew what was going on.

It really split opinion as well. Scottish comedian Kevin Bridges wasn’t a fan, describing the car as “creepy”…

Others wondered whether they were hallucinating after having had the vaccine…

But many just absolutely loved how insane it was.

And of course, in the age of Twitter, it wasn’t long before the little car had become prime comedy material.

One Twitter user noted how it was something that a certain Mr Partridge may have come up with, whilst another thought that the whole opening ceremony was perhaps the concoction of a power-crazy Lord Vader.

Before long, teams and players were becoming the butt of the jokes.

Some wondered whether it was perhaps little Lorenzo Insigne’s car, although as someone who also stands around the 5’5″ mark, you won’t catch me making these jibes.

Others didn’t miss the opportunity to have a little dig at Paul Pogba.

And finally it wasn’t lost on many that the car probably had a better game than most of the Turkey players on the pitch.

Forget any of the players at the tournament, I think we already have our breakout star of Euro 2020.