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15th Nov 2021

Eric Abidal to be questioned in relation to attack on PSG women’s player

Callum Boyle

Kheira Hamraoui was attacked by two masked men on 4 November

Former French international Eric Abidal is to be questioned by French police in relation to the attack on Paris Saint-Germain women’s midfielder, Kheira Hamraoui.

French outlet Le Monde have reported that police are investigating an alternative scenario into the case of the attack, after Hamraoui’s teammate, Aminata Diallo, was released from police custody on 11 November.

Abidal’s lawyers stated to RMC Sport that Abidal would speak to police if they chose to take that course of action.

“If Eric Abidal is to be questioned at the request of the Versailles public prosecutor, he will go explain himself without a problem. However, Mr. Abidal still does not understand how he could be linked directly or indirectly to this assault,” they said.

As of yet, there is no evidence to suggest that Abidal has been involved in any wrongdoing.

Diallo had been arrested after she had driven Hamraoui home before the latter was attacked by two masked men, with one repeatedly hitting her in the leg with an iron bar, which left the 31-year-old needing stitches.

Hamraoui had named Diallo as a suspect after she believed the attack may have been influenced by a rivalry, since the two play in the same position for PSG and the French national team. Diallo has denied any involvement in the attack.

Abidal’s name has been mentioned after the report stated that the police had discovered the chip in Hamraoui’s phone was under the name of the former Barcelona defender.

The Versailles public prosecutor has confirmed that Abidal will be questioned ‘soon’ whilst they also didn’t rule out the possibility of questioning his wife, Hayet Abidal too.

As per the reports, several of the PSG women’s players who were questioned also stated that Hamraoui called Abidal the day after the attack, with the two believed to have a close relationship which goes back to when they were both at Barcelona.

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