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18th Jun 2018

England fans’ reaction to Tunisia win has us all feeling World Cup fever

They clearly think football is coming home

Wayne Farry

One win against Tunisia and the country goes wild

Look, we’re not saying that it’s only Tunisia, but it is only Tunisia. Nonetheless, we won’t be saying this too often, because clearly people are feeling seriously World Cup fever and, honestly, who are we to argue with it?

We are nobody to argue with it, and as such, we are really quite excited by Harry Kane’s double tonight and – in particular – his late finish to put the Tunisians to bed.

But, as excited as we are, we have a feeling that we’re not quite as excited as this group of England fans, who were camped on Tottenham Court Road, who really enjoyed the result.

Standing on the side of the road, the supporters – who were recorded by Wycombe Wanderers player Marcus Bean – were captured cheering every single automobile that went past on the street in what can only be described as an example of sheer delirium.

Rather than cause any trouble whatsoever, the fans in question seemed to simply be drunk on football. Clearly, an example for us all.