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09th Jun 2022

Dutch FA want to trial a host of new rules in second division

Callum Boyle

They have five new proposals

The Dutch Football Association (KNVB) are wanting to trial a host of new rules in the second tier of Dutch football from as early as 2023.

KNVB have five new rules that they want to test, which will help to make the game “faster, sportier, fairer and more attractive,” according to the director of amateur football within the governing body, Jan Dirk van der Zee.

Dutch FA rules

What are the new rules?

The five new rules that have been proposed are as follows:

  • Throw-ins become kick-ins
  • A five minute penalty after a yellow card
  • Dribbling at a free kick is allowed
  • Unlimited substitutions
  • A clear playing time of two 30-minute halves

Dutch FA rules

Van der Zee wants to seem them trialled in the second tier of Dutch football

The rules proposed have been trialled at amateur levels since 2017, and Van der Zee believes it has potential to work at the higher levels of the game.

“If you come into football with these kinds of ideas and want to innovate, you will have to deal with two kinds of fans: the football romantic, who prefers to leave everything as it is and is guided by nostalgia and sentiment, and the football fan who is open for changes to make the game more attractive and fairer,” he said.

“The football romantic in particular is recognisable in UEFA and FIFA, who are known to have a tendency to go with their heels in the sand when changes are made. That is why there will still have to be a lot of lobbying before the pilot can start in the Kitchen Champion Division.”

Van der Zee added that they want to trial it in the second division of football in the Netherlands, but would first have to receive ratification form the International Football Association Board (IFAB).

He added: “The aim is to realise a pilot for the Kitchen Champion Division in the 2023-2024 season.

“In this, the adjustments will be tested in consultation with the clubs and the IFAB.”

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