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30th Apr 2018

Crystal Palace mercilessly troll Dwight Gayle for failing to return piece of club merchandise

Footballers, they're just like us

Wayne Farry

We’ve all done it, there’s no point in denying it

Just admit it. We won’t tell. It happens everywhere. You’re in a hotel and you’ve got a lovely bathrobe on after having a shower, you’re lounging around in it and come checkout time you’ve got both of those beauties sitting in the bottom of your suitcase ready to use back home.

Or maybe you’ve done it with work? You’re working in a job and honestly, the only real perk is the sweet zip-up jacket they give you. It’s soft but somehow delicate. It’s the only thing keeping you there. You’re planning on leaving for pastures new but you want to keep something to remember the time by, namely that lovely jacket. So you take it.

We all do it, and now we finally have confirmation that footballers do it as well.

How we do know this? Well, we know because today Crystal Palace quite beautifully trolled their former player Dwight Gayle for doing just that.

Gayle, who played for the London club between 2013 and 2016, is currently employed by Newcastle United. Despite being away from Selhurst Park for two years, it appears that Gayle like to keep a part of that time close to him, most notably a Crystal Palace suitcase.

The former Peterborough man was pictured pulling along the rather nifty number (we can totally understand why he brought it with him) at the weekend and probably wasn’t expecting to get caught.

But caught he was, and the Palace Twitter account was pretty gleeful in their trolling of him.

This was then followed by a further cruel blow by the Posh’s account, which went a little something like this.

Now, we are not judgmental people here so we will not criticise the 27-year-old. But we do have some questions.

First, has he intentionally blacked out the Palace crest or is that simply wear and tear?

And second, do Newcastle United not provide similar suitcases to their own players?

Whether we ever find out the truth, it’s nice to know that footballers – despite earning exponentially more than you and I – are equally petty and love to take free items to keep for themselves when they know, deep down, that they shouldn’t.