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01st Apr 2018

Christian Eriksen stuns Stamford Bridge with goal of the season

A goal of the season contender

Reuben Pinder

That’s not an exaggeration.

It seemed as though Tottenham’s poor record at Stamford Bridge was set to continue as Chelsea lead 1-0 thanks to a headed goal from Álvaro Morata. The hosts were the more threatening team in the first half, that was until Christian Eriksen picked up the ball in a dangerous amount of space.

As Dele Alli chased what seemed to be a lost cause, he kept the ball in play, but gifted it to Victor Moses in the process. However, Moses did not make use of this gift and sloppily lost possession as Ben Davies blocked his attempt at a floating pass, miraculously keeping the ball in play.

Eriksen had found a pocket of space, and Davies duly passed the ball to Tottenham’s magician, hoping he would pull something out of the hat before half-time. And boy, did he deliver.

No danger…

Still not much danger…

Potentially some danger…

Oh sh*t…


Trying to capture the shot mid-flight was impossible. We would show you the video if we were allowed to.

On the stroke of half-time, Eriksen levelled the scoring in style.

You can talk about how Moses’ pass shouldn’t have been intercepted, how N’golo Kanté should have pushed out faster and blocked the shot, or at a stretch you can talk about how Willy Caballero makes no attempt to save it. But if you were to do that, you would be ignoring the brilliance of the strike. What technique. What trajectory. What a goal.