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08th Jan 2023

Carlos Tevez explains why he didn’t contact Lionel Messi after the World Cup

Callum Boyle

He also explained why he didn’t contact Lionel Messi

Carlos Tevez has revealed that he didn’t celebrate Argentina’s World Cup success and is yet to congratulate Lionel Messi.

Tevez retired from football in June last year before immediately moving into management, taking on the role at Rosario Central before leaving in November after just four months in the role.

He explained his sudden departure was down to the politics of the club – something he wasn’t keen on being involved in.

“From the first day I said I wasn’t coming to do politics, and when my name is used [in politics], it’s something I don’t like. They [president candidates] weren’t talking about a project, they were talking about Tevez.

“It’s not a fair game for me, because I’m not from here, I’m not a Rosario Central born guy.  I’m a manager and I don’t want to do politics.

“There is nothing else. As I have always said, Rosario Central comes first and not the people. When they want to put my name in politics, I won’t allow that. I always want the best for Central.”

Carlos Tevez

The forward had an illustrious career, scoring over 300 goals at club level and 13 in 76 international appearances for Argentina.

But the former Manchester United and Manchester City striker hinted that he didn’t celebrate his country’s first World Cup win since 1986 and even preferred to see France defend their crown.

“I didn’t follow the World Cup in Qatar very closely but I saw France a lot, because it was a team that I liked,” he said when speaking on Radio Mitre.

“I have not written to Messi because his phone must have been blown up. It makes me very happy that my children celebrated his goals.”

Despite currently being out of work, Tevez added that he doesn’t miss the day-to-day life of football.

“I don’t miss the world of Boca Juniors, nor that of football, because it exhausted me,” he added.

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