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18th Jun 2018

AS Roma had the perfect response to pundit’s Alisson gaffe

As witty as usual from football's funniest team

Wayne Farry

The AS Roma Twitter account can do no wrong at the moment

It sometimes feels like no matter what sort of situation occurs in the world, their social media experts are all over it, tweeting out something sardonic and witty to delight their millions of followers.

Thankfully, even the World Cup hasn’t dampened Roma’s spirits and this week they were at it again, in the form of a rather wonderful response to an Irish television pundit’s pretty surprising comment on one of their players.

The player in question is goalkeeper Alisson, who also happens to be Brazil’s number one. He’s a very talented player and, as such, Irish pundit and former professional footballer Eamon Dunphy was extremely impressed with him.

In fact, he was so impressed with him that he confidently stated he is so good that “he will be coming to Europe soon to play for one of the top clubs”.

Understandably, Roma were a bit perplexed by this take, and responded in exactly the way one has come to expect from them.

Now, what exactly does this prove other than the fact that AS Roma’s social media manager really has their finger on the pulse of football around the world? Not much apart from it being a clear indication that – if nothing else – it never hurts to do a bit of research.