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26th Dec 2021

AFC Wimbledon ask EFL for clarification around postponed games

Callum Boyle

Both of the League One side’s last two games have been called off due to Covid related reasons

League One side AFC Wimbledon have written to the EFL to get clarification over the rules surrounding games being postponed due to Covid-19.

Both of Wimbledon’s last two games have been postponed after the opposition side’s were unable to field enough first-team players and highlighted that they have been able to protect their squad and take the correct safety measures to ensure they can fulfil fixtures on a lower budget in comparison to some of their rivals.

Wimbledon went on to then reveal a letter they had sent to the EFL in which they encouraged them to provide answers and clarity on cancelling games.

It read: “We are writing to openly express our disappointment over the recent spate of matches that member clubs have been unable to fulfil.

“We also want to take this opportunity to call on the EFL to undertake its due processes and implement the strongest-possible measures to ensure that –  where a club is able to fulfil a fixture – it does so.

“Further, where it is found that a club was unable to fulfil a fixture, they must be held to account for all decisions which led to that position.”

The League One side also stressed for reintroduction of the five substitutions rule to help with the congested fixture list.

“We would also like to advocate for the reintroduction of 5 substitutions per match,” they said.

” With a congested fixture calendar now a guarantee for all clubs, we would wish to have every tool available to us in order to manage our squad best.

“At the point of writing, six of the 10 fixtures on EFL League One’s Boxing Day schedule cannot be fulfilled. On the weekend of the 18th December, six of the 12 scheduled matches did not go ahead, again because the matches could not be fulfilled.

It just doesn’t sit right that, having gone above and beyond our means to ensure matches can be fulfilled, we will now be at a disadvantage – trying to navigate a very congested second half of the season with a small squad.

Meanwhile, clubs with larger squads will have the upper hand, having been provided the opportunity to take a more relaxed approach knowing there will be no penalties for conduct that sits outside of the protocols.”

Wimbledon are currently 17th in the third tier and are five-points clear of the final relegation spot which is currently occupied by 20th-placed Morecambe.

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