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18th Jun 2018

99.6% of Iceland’s population were watching their draw against Argentina

They are absolutely loving their first World Cup

Kyle Picknell

Doesn’t excuse the Thunder Clap though.

Perhaps as remarkable as their dogged, determined and some other adjective beginning with d, er, defiant, yeah, defiant point against the heavily favoured Messi-led Argentinians is the fact that a remarkable 99.6% of their population watching TV back at home were tuned in to Sigurdsson, Bjarnason and everyone’s new favourite goalkeeper, Hannes Þór Halldórsson.

It was the result of the tournament.

Until Mexico beat the reigning champions Germany 1-0 a day later, it was the result of the tournament.

The official Iceland FA account, which you might know better as Knattspyrnusambandið, confirmed the incredible fact today, still basking in the warm glow of their team’s performance.

But it does beg the question, what on earth were the other 0.4% of Iceland doing?

Get out of the geothermal spas lads, at least whilst your team are going toe to toe with Lionel Messi. Show some damn respect for your brave boys in Errea shirts.

As it turns out, according to goalscorer Alfred Finnbogason, the other 0.4% were on the pitch.

Obviously, obviously he is joking, but also he is very, very wrong. Let’s do some quick maths just to check.

Iceland’s population is 350,710, according to Wikipedia. If you work it out, that would mean there were only 1,402 people not watching the game.

If Iceland did, as Finnbogason states, field a team of 1,402 players then that would definitely go some way to explaining the result.

(At this point I will again make it clear I realise he was joking and with another sensational depiction of just how tiny a nation Iceland actually is, and just how incredible it is theyt are doing what they are doing)

Fellow England fans, I know they knocked us out, and I know it hurt, but let’s face it. They are actually a very good team. They deserve all the credit they are getting. Even if the Thunder Clap remains a bit shit.