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24th Jun 2017

Fighter tried to cheat the scales at Bellator weigh-ins but failed miserably

Fool me once...

Darragh Murphy

Nice try.

In April, the New York State Athletic Commission were caught with their pants down as they failed to recognise some gamesmanship on the part of UFC light heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier, at the UFC 210 weigh-ins.

Cormier “magically” dropped 1.2lbs in a 120 seconds by seemingly resting his hands on the commission’s towel, which was used to shield his manhood from the reporters in attendance.

It worked a treat and ensured that ‘DC’ would be eligible to defend his 205lbs title against Anthony Johnson the following night but the incident brought into question the ability of the NYSAC to properly oversee mixed martial arts events.

Well they’ve clearly learned their lesson as the NYSAC was having absolutely none of Sergio da Silva’s shenanigans when he weighed in for his Bellator 180 clash with Matt Rizzo.

The fight was scheduled to take place at a catchweight of 130lbs but, aware that he was way over the targeted weight, da Silva attempted to trick the scales using a number of methods.

First, he tried to take one foot off the scales and rest it on the ground but the commission was wise to his strategy and ordered him to put both feet on.

Da Silva then refused to stand still, before resting his weight on different corners of the scales.

The patience of the commissioner was wearing thin and, after all of the antics, a weight of 137.6lbs was recorded.

Due to the fact that the fight was scheduled for a catchweight, da Silva was not punished for missing weight and the bout will go ahead, with his opponent weighing in at 133.6lbs.

And fighters learned in no uncertain terms that the NYSAC won’t be fooled again.