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28th Jun 2018

FIFA are paying Maradona an obscene amount of money to attend World Cup games

He's doing very well for himself in Russia

Wayne Farry

Maradona doesn’t get out of bed for anything less

Diego Maradona is reportedly getting paid as much as £10,000 per day by FIFA to attend World Cup games as part of his role as an ambassador.

The 57-year-old’s behaviour has come under scrutiny during the tournament after a number of high-profile incidents, reportedly leading FIFA to consider the viability of him continuing in his role.

While no official decision has been made, the Argentina legend has faced criticism for his behaviour while attending games in both an official and unofficial capacity.

During Argentina’s opening match with Iceland, Maradona was photographed smoking a cigar, before making an alleged racist gesture at a group of South Korea fans later in the game.


There was also controversy when, during Argentina’s victory against Nigeria, he celebrated Marcos Rojo’s late winner by sticking his middle finger up at Nigeria fans sitting in seats below while shouting profanities.

Shortly after that match he was taken to hospital after reportedly struggling to climb stairs at half-time. He was transported to the hospital by the stadium’s medical team, before being released hours later.

If his erratic behaviour continues in this manner it is likely that the scrutiny on his FIFA role, and his remuneration for said role, will only increase, especially given the sums involved.

It is as yet unknown whether Maradona will continue to attend games throughout this tournament in an official capacity, though it would be a surprise to not see him in the stands for Argentina’s next game in the round of 16.