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07th Feb 2017

Either NYCFC’s new kit is brilliant or Andrea Pirlo can make anything look good

He could have at least smiled in the promo photo.

Tom Victor

Andrea Pirlo is the footballer you all wish you were.

He makes his own wine, has great fashion sense, and can boast a better head and face of hair than you could ever dream of.

Oh, and he’s even inspired a new beer.

The Italian maestro is about to embark on his second full season as a New York City FC player, and his first without midfield partner Frank Lampard after the Englishman retired from the game.

And a new MLS season means a new NYCFC home kit, which Pirlo has been good enough to model this week.

Don’t let the apparent mope fool you, he’s clearly extremely excited about it all. I mean, why else would he have announced it in all caps?

In fact, based on the club’s own promotion of the new home shirt, it seems there was a directive for its players not to smile in any promotional materials.

Still, Tommy McNamara looks to be straining really hard not to let out a little smirk.

If you were wondering why the kit has what looks like a French flag on it, by the way, it’s because that’s not a French flag – it’s the flag of the city of New York.

The club have called the new kit ‘a true homage’ to the city, and have broken it down here.

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