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28th Jun 2017

Eddie Hearn announces new frontrunner for Joshua vs. Klitschko II location

British fans will have to travel

Darragh Murphy

First it was looking like Cardiff.

Then Nigeria seemed to be the preferred location.

But there is a new frontrunner in terms of where the much-discussed rematch between Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko could take place.

As talks become more serious about the booking of Joshua vs. Klitschko II, promoter Eddie Hearn has revealed that it’s looking more likely that the sequel to April’s heavyweight showdown will go down in the fighting capital of the world.

Las Vegas could well host the fight, which would mark Joshua’s US debut and first step into the crucial American market.

Hearn provided the update during an interview with Sky Sports on Wednesday.

“I have been in talks with Bernd Boente and the team,” Hearn said. “We’re getting close now to identifying the real options in terms of venues and locations.

“Vegas has taken a little bit of a frontrunner in those. I know the British fans would love to do a trip out there for Joshua-Klitschko.

“Nigeria is still in the mix, Dubai as well, and of course Cardiff. But like I said, Vegas has probably got its nose in front at the moment.

“I think in the next week, we’re looking to present all those opportunities to Wladimir Klitschko and his team. Speaking to Bernd Boente this morning, I feel like it’s going to take that special event to make this fight.”

In an ideal world, Hearn would prefer to reward Joshua’s hardcore fans with the opportunity to attend the fight in a UK city.

But Joshua’s superstar status is growing and to make the big money, ‘AJ’ will have to travel further afield.

“I would like to keep it in Britain,” said Hearn. “The fans have been incredible to Anthony Joshua, but if it means travelling to make sure this fight happens for world boxing, and it means taking a few plane loads to Las Vegas for a night and an experience they won’t forget.

“Anthony Joshua is the world heavyweight champion, he’s not the British heavyweight champion. He wants to break boundaries and so do we.

“To see Anthony Joshua’s name up in lights on the Las Vegas strip is certainly something that appeals to us all.

“Yes, I would say the next couple of weeks, we’ll be looking to make a decision in terms of the venue and location.”