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10th Oct 2015

DJ Spoony played Liverpool’s anthem at Old Trafford and United fans are furious (Video)

Liverpool fans absolutely loved this...

Ben Kenyon

What’s the best way to troll Manchester United fans?

There’s probably a few, but Liverpool fan DJ Spoony may have found one of the best methods.

You’d never see anything vaguely Liverpool-related going out over the tannoy when Louis van Gaal’s side were playing at Old Trafford.

But this famous old ground was playing host to the Super League Grand Final between Leeds Rhinos and Wigan Warriors.

So DJ spoony saw his chance. The former Radio One presenter lined up Liverpool anthem ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ to play in his set during the game.

But nobody believed he might actually press the button on this Anfield classic in the home of one of their fiercest rivals. Well, we were wrong.

As you can hear, the warbling tones of Gerry and the Pacemakers did in fact wail around the ground during the match.

This man was really not impressed. Listen to his reaction…

Nor were these guys…

Although some of these guys thought it was the best thing that has ever happened since a German came to Liverpool…