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01st Sep 2015

David Miliband has a surprising football-related email address

"What do you think of Tottenham?"

Tom Victor

When you get your first email account as a youngster, you’ll tend to pick something close to your heart.

Maybe your favourite song. A film that means a lot to you, perhaps. Or, if you’re former Labour leadership candidate David Miliband, the football team you support.

Normally you change that when you become an adult, though. Pick something more bland, usually just a variation on your name.

Not our Dave, though.

Growing up in North London, Miliband was an Arsenal fan from a young age, though younger brother Ed – who presumably got into football when the family had relocated to Yorkshire, is a Leeds United fan.

The ‘d.gunners’ email address should come as no surprise, then – the only oddity is that he was still using it well into his forties.

Still, the Conservative Party should be grateful that the younger sibling was the one who got into power and ran against David Cameron in the general election.

If Arsenal fans’ input on internet polls is anything to go by, the elder Miliband brother would have won by a landslide.