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07th Dec 2018

The foolproof Christmas present guide for the football fan in your life

Wayne Farry


Christmas is lovely

Yes, there are some people out there who are not fans of Christmas and honestly, that is fine. Each to their own.

But for those of us who do enjoy the festive season, it is a time to sit back, lounge, enjoy memorable moments with friends, loved ones and weird uncles over a couple of beverages and enough food to make Tarrare full.

It is also, thankfully, a time for giving and receiving gifts. Giving and receiving gifts is a real pleasure; the deep consideration over the gift someone you care for would like, the confusion at not being able to figure out what someone would like despite the fact you know them extremely well, and the sad realisation that you will have to Google possible gifts for the person in question; it has it all.

That final part is where we come in. No, we will not reassure you that you’re a good child, parent, sibling or partner, but we will say ‘here are some presents which the football-loving person in your will enjoy’.

So, without further ado, here is our Christmas wish list for the football supporter in your life.

Football Art by Dan Leydon

A football artist based in Sligo, Ireland, Dan Leydon has worked for some of football’s biggest brands, as well as taking part and winning BT Sport’s Champions Draw competition on a number of occasions.

His work can be seen on his Twitter account, but his new book entitled Football Art offers a deep dive into his style and the thought processes behind it.

Well worth buying for both fans of his work, or football fans in general.

Print from Football Stadium Prints

Pictures of football stadiums are a dime a dozen, but the offerings of the Steve Stewart – the man behind Football Stadium Prints – are a class apart. Stylised and dramatic, each one depicts a beautiful scene; turning often decades-old grounds which could do with more than a lick of paint into stunning works of art.

With hundreds of prints of stadiums from around Scotland, Wales, England and Europe available, Stewart has you covered no matter what football fan you’re buying for.

Retro jersey from COPA

With top quality materials and perfect recreations, COPA are undoubtedly one of the biggest names when it comes to replicas of our favourite football jerseys of bygone eras.

Their retro line, which includes officially endorsed collections from teams such as Roma, Nantes, Barcelona and West Bromwich Albion, has something for everyone.


It’s the biggest football game in the world, and arguably the best. Enough said.

Die Hard half and half scarf by Dan Evans

Half and half scarves are generally awful, but substitute club crests with Dan Evans/Dan Draws’ illustrations of Die Hard protagonist and antagonist John McClane and Hans Gruber and you’ve got yourself a winner.

You can get one for just £15 and it really is worth it.

Gazza in Italy by Daniel Storey

An extremely talented writer who has recently become freelance, Daniel Storey was winner of the Writer of the Year award at the 2016 Football Supporter’ Federation awards.

Gazza in Italy is an examination of Paul Gascoigne’s three-year spell in Italy with Lazio, a period which perfectly summed up his career as a whole. It’s a funny and thoughtful look at one of the most talented footballers to ever come out of England, and it’s well worth your time.

Football Manager 2019 Mobile

Sports Interactive’s management sim is now close to a religion amongst gamers and football fans. Each year a new iteration of the game comes out and each year millions people pick it up, with good reason.

It’s incredibly detailed and immersive and can, quite possibly, take over your life if you let it. If you know someone with a little less time on your hands though, then the mobile version of the game may be the perfect gift.

While not offering quite as much detail in tactical gameplay or graphics, the mobile version is perfect for people with a commute or simply an aversion to properly committing to a video game.

Football mugs from Proper mag

Get a mug for your Manchester United/City/Fiorentina supporting friend. For just £8. Great value.

Goalless Draws: Illuminating the Genius of Modern Football by David Squires

David Squires is quite possibly a genius. He is most definitely one of the best and funniest football illustrators around today. His latest book, entitled Goalless Draws: Illuminating the Genius of Modern Football is yet further proof of this.

There’s not much to say other than the fact that it combines Squires’ usual mix of style and wit. And it’s very good.

Print by Entire Design

Based in Manchester, artist James O’Mara’s designed are some of the best out there. Colourful, unique and eye-catching, his prints of modern footballers in classic jerseys will right up most fans’ street. And they are very good value.

Bespoke jersey from Own Fan Club

If you are looking for a present which is a little pricier for the football connoisseur in your life, you need not look much further than these shirts made by Own Fan Club.

They do have a range of lovely t-shirts harking back to 1980s and 90s football in England, but the true stars on their online store are the tropical shirts based on football jerseys. They are the sort of style which divides opinion, but they are absolutely lovely.