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04th Apr 2016

Christian Fuchs intends to switch to a completely different sport when he retires from football

Fuchs off to America

Simon Lloyd

His role in the unlikeliest title challenge in football history has clearly given Christian Fuchs the impression that anything is possible.

The Leicester man turns 30 this week – usually an indicator to many professional footballers that they should start planning careers for when they hang up their boots.

Clearly, Fuchs is keeping an eye on the future, and as with many Premier League footballers that are approaching the twilight years of their careers, America is a possible destination for him in the years ahead.

Watford v Leicester City - Premier League

Only unlike the Gerrards and Lampards of this world, the Austrian doesn’t intend to have a crack at Major League Soccer. Instead, he fancies himself as a future NFL kicker.

“I have ambitions to become an NFL kicker,” he told Sky Sports. “Seriously. Depending on the managers in the NFL. If they want a footballer in their team but I am very much up for it.

“I know I can kick 60 yards or so or 65 yards field goal. Let’s see. Dreams can come true you know if you don’t dream you won’t reach anything.”

Fuchs’ family live in Manhattan where his wife, who used to be a senior analyst at Goldman Sachs, runs his New York soccer academy.

“I have a family in New York,” he added. “I have a wife and two kids. It’s not as easy having a family that is here all of the time because I am person who needs the family around and I am a family guy. It’s pretty tough.

“I’m already thinking about what’s after my career. I will be in America and I will move to be with my family. I simply want to do something. I can’t just be laying on the couch because that’s so not me.”

Christian Fuchs lining up for New York Giants or New York Jets? Stranger things have happened…