Chris Sutton takes second dig at Brendan Rodgers over Leicester City appointment 3 years ago

Chris Sutton takes second dig at Brendan Rodgers over Leicester City appointment

I am absolutely 100% here for Chris Sutton dragging out his needless, one-sided beef with Brendan Rodgers

In case you weren't aware, former Celtic striker Chris Sutton is genuinely fuming that Brendan Rodgers has left the Scottish club to take over a Leicester City side with nothing to play for. He is livid. He is really, really personally angry about it, for some reason.


Not only did he begin a selfie rant by saying, quite simply, that the whole thing 'stinks', he went on to slate Rodgers with just about the most damning thing one person can say to another: the old 'I'm not angry just disappointed' your mum used to hit you with after you'd been sent to the head teacher's office and got a phone call home.

Sutton said: "I am really disappointed and I think there's a lot of Celtic fans out there as well who will feel let down. This is the job that Brendan said was his 'dream job'. So why is he going now to a club who have nothing to play for?"


Never one to leave a job half-finished, apart from the vast majority of the time he went through on goal during his late-career stint as an Aston Villa target man, Sutton doubled down on his slamming Rodgers with the following tweet mocking his infamous 'dream job' claim when he first joined Celtic:


Do you get it? Because how could managing a club like Leicester City be anyone's dream?? Even though they could quite easily challenge for the top six in the Premier League next season with a half decent manager??? And that's without even taking into account the fact Rodgers has won all there is to win in Scotland with Celtic anyway???? Multiple times?????

Chris, listen mate, I think you need to draw yourself a long bath, light a few candles, put on some relaxing music, let your wife get in because a) you don't deserve it, b) you're probably too tall to sit in a bath comfortably and c) she's had to listen to you ranting about Brendan Rodgers all day so could do with a long soak, then go for a long old run around the block to cool off pal. You've lost your head. Stop it. (Please don't stop it, please do carry on being pissy about the whole thing. It's actually very entertaining.)