Chris Kirkland claims Zouma cat video 'worse than racism' live on BBC News 6 months ago

Chris Kirkland claims Zouma cat video 'worse than racism' live on BBC News

Zouma started for West Ham on Tuesday night despite huge backlash

Chris Kirkland claimed that the video of Kurt Zouma kicking his pet cat is 'worse, if anything', than racism or biting in a bizarre comparison broadcast live on BBC Breakfast.


Zouma has been under heavy scrutiny from all angles after a video of him kicking and slapping his cat was released by The Sun on Monday night. The player has apologised for his actions, while West Ham United also issued a statement in which they 'deeply condemned' the video.

Despite this, people were left shocked after David Moyes included the Frenchman in West Ham's starting XI for their game against Watford on Tuesday night.

Moyes tried to justify the decision by saying his selection was based on 'footballing reasons' and that Zouma had apologised to him personally.


Surrey Police also confirmed on Tuesday that they have launched a police enquiry into the incident whereas the Metropolitan Police insisted that they would not investigate the video.

The incident has remained one of the biggest news stories of the week, as broadcasters brought on guests to discuss the deeply distressing video and the consequences Zouma should face.

The BBC's flagship news programme brought on former England and Liverpool goalkeeper Chris Kirkland, who said:

"Everywhere he goes, he's going to be targeted, and rightly so as well because he deserves everything he is going to get.


"I'm a big advocate for mental health, and I need to be careful with what I say because it's bound to test Kurt Zouma. But, he brought it all on himself by... A sickening video.

"I'm still in disbelief that West Ham played him last night, I thought that was disgraceful.

"But again, the FA for me... If it was a racism case, the FA have stepped in and banned players 6-10 games, biting, 6-10 games.

"This is worse, if anything. What is the difference?


"This is against a defenceless animal. So why the FA have not stepped in to ban him for this as well is beyond disbelief."

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