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24th Mar 2022

Boris Johnson backs Ukraine to host Euro 2028 a day after UK and Ireland bid

Daniel Brown

Really, Boris? Really?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has bizarrely appeared to back Ukraine hosting Euro 2028, despite the UK and Ireland submitting a joint bid to host the tournament.

Johnson’s comments came after he condemned Russia for expressing an interest in staging the European Championship despite Vladimir Putin’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Despite Russia’s football team being banned from European competition, and its club sides expelled from the Champions League and the Europa League, the Russian FA suggested it wants to rival the UK and Ireland in a bid to host Euro 2028.

boris johnson euro ukraine

The UK and Ireland are set to be confirmed as Euro 2028 hosts by UEFA

Earlier this week, the English, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish and Republic of Ireland Football Associations revealed a joint expression of interest in hosting the tournament.

A statement read: “The governments of the UK, Ireland, Scotland and Wales have confirmed their support for the expression of interest submission and, given the Northern Ireland Executive is currently not meeting formally, officials there continue to observe the process closely.

“This unprecedented partnership of five associations offers something special to European football, including the potential for an expanded tournament, and we are passionate about maximising the sustainability and legacy benefits for communities across the UK and Ireland.”

Boris Johnson Euros

Johnson suggested Ukraine should be ‘handed’ the tournament

However, Johnson appears to have forgotten about the bid, even though it happened just one day prior. After insisting that Russian troops should withdraw from Ukraine, the 57-year-old went on to suggest that Uefa should allow Ukraine to host the prestigious tournament.

When asked by an interviewer if Ukraine should instead host the tournament, the PM told Sky News: “Look, I think that the idea of Russia hosting any kind of football tournament or any kind of cultural event is beyond satire. I can’t think that anybody would seriously consider their suggestion.

“Of course, I think that the best thing possible would be for the entire Russian armed forces to retire forthwith from Ukraine and hand the tournament to them.”

The Turkish FA has also announced its expression of interest submitted to UEFA.

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