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30th Apr 2017

ArsenalFanTV’s Robbie says he was racially abused by Tottenham fans as he criticises security

"I was racially abused today. I haven't had that at a football ground for years."


ArsenalFanTV’s Robbie has posted a video after footage emerged of the presenter being abused by Tottenham supporters following Arsenal’s 2-0 defeat at White Hart Lane.

In the footage, Spurs supporters can be seen taunting Robbie as he and other Arsenal supporters are escorted away from the ground by police. Although the majority of the chants directed at him appear to focus on result of the match, plenty have suggested that some of taunts are much more serious and of a racist nature.

Speaking about the incident, Robbie explains that he was advised by match day stewards to move away from the ground to conduct interviews, directing them to the end of the road – an area he says is where lots of Spurs supporters were.

“We went to the end of the road. I’m quite a recognisable face now – especially to Tottenham fans. They started surrounding me, the police came around me and were trying to escort me away and it was absolute chaos down there.

“I was fine. I’m a big boy and can look after myself… but I’ve got to say something. They’ve got to do something about security for football fans at Tottenham Hotspur. It’s a disgrace.

“I was racially abused today. I haven’t had that at a football ground for years. There is no other football ground I go to in the Premier League that I get what I got today. It’s disgraceful.”

Later in the video he adds: “Some of the stuff I heard today, the racial abuse I got – again it’s only a tiny minority – it shouldn’t be existing any more at a football ground.

“I shouldn’t go to a football ground and get racially abused.”

The full video features below.