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04th Nov 2020

Alex Morgan threatens to unfollow her mum on Twitter over Trump support

Simon Lloyd

And still, the wait goes on…

With the race for the U.S presidency on a knife-edge and vote-counting continuing to determine if Joe Biden has done enough to replace Donald Trump in the White House, something a little different: Alex Morgan threatening to unfollow her mum on Twitter. Yes, very important stuff, we know.

The World Cup-winning Tottenham striker has made little secret of where her allegiances lie in recent days, urging her followers on Instagram to vote for Biden. ‘A four-hour wait in line is much shorter than another four years of the wrong person in office,’ she posted on Tuesday.

Unfortunately for Morgan, plenty on Twitter noticed that her mum, Pamela, didn’t share her standpoint. After Trump took to the stage on Tuesday to prematurely declare victory in an election he described as “a fraud”, she had either sent or retweeted a string of tweets which showed her support for Trump.

The last one, which simply read ‘Sham’, prompted a response from her daughter. ‘1 more and that warrants an unfollow,’ Morgan warned.

Her reply was quickly picked up by followers, quickly racking up three-figure retweets and – more importantly – seeming to do the trick in keeping her mum from tweeting any more.


Though victory is still not guaranteed for Biden, it has now been confirmed he has received more votes than any other president in the history of US elections.

An unprecedented turnout has seen Biden beat the record of 69,498,516 set by Barack Obama in 2008, when he beat John McCain to become the first black president of the United States.