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15th Jan 2022

Aldershot manager features in weirdest pre-match interview of the season

Daniel Brown

‘If a tree falls and nobody is there to hear it fall, does it make a noise?’

Aldershot Town manager Mark Molesley delivered one of the strangest pre-match interviews in history before his team’s FA Trophy fixture on Saturday.

Molesley was speaking to the club’s media team ahead of the Shots’ FA Trophy clash against Bromley.

When asked a relatively simple question – “what are your thoughts ahead of the game?” – the 40-year-old reacted with a truly bizarre response, discussing penguins, trees and haircuts.

He replied: “If a tree falls and nobody is there to hear it fall, does it make a noise?”

“Does a penguin get cold? What way does your bath water go, clockwise or anti-clockwise when you pull the plug out? You know, these are questions that are going to be asked of us and the questions we need the answers to.

“We’re always looking for solutions and need to solve the equation sometimes.

“Sam’s had a lovely haircut, it’s started to grow out now. Coops is here now, working silently away. Robbie’s over there, the first time he’s been quiet today.

“Terry’s brought a briefcase in. He’s got four Japanese talking dogs in there. This is what we work with and we’ll continue to work hard.”

Aldershot have made an underwhelming start to their National League campaign, winning just seven of their opening 23 matches.

While manager Molesley – who was previously in charge of Southend United – has understandably gone viral with his comical interview, he will be keen to get a result against Bromley in the FA Trophy.

However, at the time of writing, the Shots trail 1-0 against the Ravens.

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