Adidas bring back iconic 1998 Predator with Accelerator 'Eternal Class' boot 1 year ago

Adidas bring back iconic 1998 Predator with Accelerator 'Eternal Class' boot

Can you marry a football boot? (Please say yes)

As far as football boots go, few designs come anywhere near close to matching adidas' iconic 1998 Predator Accelerator.


One of the most easy-on-the eye boots ever to grace a football pitch, they were worn by some of the sport's biggest names in the very biggest of games: think Zinedine Zidane the night France won their first World Cup, or David Beckham as Manchester United completed their historic Treble.

Fast forward nearly a quarter of a century and adidas have launched a reworked blacked-out version of the well-loved boot for 2021... and it's just as - if not more - lovely as its predecessor.

Here. Just look at it, for heaven's sake. It's a thing of beauty.

Images of the new version of the boot are - completely understandably - already being shared high and wide across social media.


While the look and feel of the new design is almost entirely in keeping with the original version, it comes a new colour scheme - officially described as 'Core Black' and 'Grey Six'.

Though old features such as the fold-down, lace-concealing tongue remain in place, the new boot has undergone a few adjustments to ensure it offers players the very best in comfort and performance. The innovative split outsole, for example, seen on the latest Predator models, is one of the features added to the revised version.

Along with the boot, adidas are also releasing a new trainer equivalent - complete with blacked-out midsole.