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27th Feb 2022

Frog, beetle and two mice team up with snake to escape flood

Kieran Galpin


It’s like watching a David Attenborough doc

In the unlikeliest of pairings, a snake, frog, beetle and a pair of mice teamed up to escape a rainwater tank that became flooded after heavy rain.

A video captured the moment the menagerie of creatures attempted to escape their confinement in Queensland, Australia. TikTok user @carleen2332 uploaded the video, which has since received thousands of likes from bewildered social media users.

@carleen2332♬ Oh No – Kreepa

The video shows a large snake in shallow water, but it’s carrying a petting zoo’s worth of friends on its back. Rescuers attempted to use a long yellow pole to help the frogs escape, but this only caused the snake to begin swimming laps in the tank.

Get ready to throw your phone in a panic because, at one point, one of the mice was thrown from the snake as his friends held on. Luckily, the mouse and the rest of the creatures were able to escape- snake included.

TikTok users have been reacting to the tense footage, with one exclaiming: “When times get tough Aussie’s help each other out.”

“The most Australian thing I’ve seen today,” another added.

A third said: “I feel like the snake actually cares for them.”


This must be a very Australian experience since another person commented: “Tell me you live in Australia without telling me you live in Australia.”

On the mouse who jumped from the snake’s back, someone wrote: “The mouse hanging on for dear life because he knows he’ll be first.”

Southeast Queensland has been battered by widespread rain since February 25 but is expected to subside in the coming days.

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