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26th Feb 2022

Man refused entry into bar because of his mullet

Simon Bland

The man was informed that his chosen bar had a ‘no mullet policy’

A woman in Perth called into a local radio station to share the story of how her son was turned away from a bar because he was sporting a mullet.

The mother, who’s name was Karen, recently contacted Radio Perth to voice her anger at the situation whilst also pointing out that the hairstyle isn’t something to be ashamed of and that her son was actually “quite proud of the mullet”.

Speaking to the station, Karen explained that her son had recently visited Perth’s Cottesloe Beach Hotel with friends only to be turned away by door staff and forced to relocate alone to a more mullet-friendly venue.

“The mullet is impressive, and he’s quite proud of the mullet,” Karen told the station. “His hair’s got quite curly, so it’s got quite a thickness to it.

“Although he did have a hat on that afternoon, so I’m curious to know how they actually knew it was a mullet hiding under there.”

While the young man was denied entry, his pals were initially allowed into the resort despite Karen’s mullet-ed son being their designated driver for the evening.

“The irony is that he was actually driver for the night. They went to the OBH [Ocean Beach Hotel], the line was too long, and maybe the line is not long at the Cottesloe Beach Hotel because, you know, they’re not letting mullets in.

She continues, adding: “They happened to get in – his mates were going in ahead and the bouncer just stopped him and says, ‘Sorry, mate. We’ve got a no-mullet policy’.

“He had a chuckle and thought he was taking the mickey a little bit – and you don’t have a chuckle with some bouncers,” explained Karen, “and so then he got told ‘No, actually, you’re not welcome to come in.’

“And so they all had to leave because he was driver, and so they took their business to a more inclusive venue.”

While the staff at the venue have since apologised to the man and his friends, it turns out his denied entry might have been for the best. A few days later, it was revealed that an outbreak of covid cases was reported at the Cottesloe Beach Hotel – but thankfully Karen’s sun was happily virus-free.

His mother explained: “His mullet saved him, because it saved him from not being able to work all that week.”

While the mother and her son were able to take the situation in their stride, Karen was keen to point out that a haircut should by no means be an indicator of a person’s actions or personality, adding that the Cottesloe Beach Hotel missed out on the chance to welcome “some really lovely young lads at their venue that night”.

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