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14th Apr 2022

Skygazer records amazing five hour close-up video of the sun that will blow your mind

April Curtin

‘There’s a party on the sun but you’re not invited’

A skygazer has filmed a really close up video of the Sun, and it’s pretty astounding.

The fiery star was recorded by a special telescope – gathering a whopping five hours of footage in total, The Sun reports.

Photographer Andrew McCarthy shared the breathtaking video on social media earlier this week – although, at the time of writing, its authenticity has yet to be confirmed by experts.

“There’s a party on the sun but you’re not invited,” he jokingly captioned it.

The video was sped up from 1800x to 3600x so viewers could see how things move overtime. An Earth emoji is also included in the video for scale.

While admiring this footage from afar is no problem, the photographer warned others not to try looking at the sun using a telescope themselves.

Posting on Twitter, he said: “Do NOT try this unless you know what you’re doing. You will go blind or start a fire if you point a telescope at the Sun.”

His posts on social media gained over 25,000 likes, with fans sharing their appreciation for the “crazy” and “beautiful” footage in the comments.

“Wow, that rig allows him to see 93 million miles away in focus. That’s pretty cool. If true,” one wrote.

One joking pointed out: “You probably didn’t have to worry about not having enough light lol,” one joked.

“That’s a party I cannot handle,” another added.

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