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27th Dec 2019

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 171

Reuben Pinder

The Big Fat JOE Quiz of 2019

Welcome to the final JOE Friday Pub Quiz of the year, and the decade. A lot has changed since 2010 – Liverpool went from floating above relegation under Roy Hodgson to dominating both domestically and on the world stage; the United States went from Barack Obama to Donald Trump, and Jordan Ayew turned into Lionel Messi.

Even in the past year, it feels like enough mad shit has happened to be spread over several years. Remember the faux outrage over the vegan sausage roll, when Piers Morgan pretended to throw up on TV? That was January this year. Theresa May was prime minister until July, now she feels like a distant memory. England won a World Cup, and suffered heartbreak in another. Ben Stokes became a God. Coleen Rooney became the best investigative journalist in the country. Boris Johnson became PM, and then won an election. Prince Andrew claimed that he couldn’t sweat due to PTSD in a Newsnight interview, and Jose Mourinho became Tottenham manager.

With 25 questions to play with, I have not been able to pack everything that happened this year into this week’s quiz, but I hope you enjoy JOE’s digital answer to the Big Fat Quiz Of the Year.

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