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06th Nov 2019

QUIZ: How well do you remember these song lyrics from 2009?

Ciara Knight

2009 was a strong year for music

We had The Black Eyed Peas’ dominating the charts with random sound such as Boom Boom Pow and informing us that they were getting feelings, such as I Gotta Feeling. Meanwhile, Jason Mraz was busy letting us all know that he’s ours, whether we’d like it or not.

Musicians surpassed themselves in terms of auditory prowess. Truly, ten years ago, it was a quite a time to be alive.

But how well do you remember the tunes of a decade ago? Is your memory still as sharp, or have you withered it all away due to excessive exposure to dangerous substances such as memes that are simply too dank?

Twelve questions stand before you. Anything lower than 10 is a pathetic score, quite frankly.

Good luck!