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06th Oct 2020

QUIZ: Match the quote with the football manager who said it

Wayne Farry

Football managers say the darndest things

For all their tactical nous and deep knowledge of the game, football managers – once they retire from the game – are often times better remembered for the things they said than their specific achievements.

That’s because inside every footballer – or at least 99 percent of them – lies an enormous ego that just cannot help but grace us with their years’ worth of wisdom and wit.

It’s one thing dragging a group of players from the second tier to the top of the first division and then, somehow, the very pinnacle of European football, but it’s a whole other thing to utter remarks so utterly unbelievable/prescient/stupid that it not only outlasts your career, but often your time aboard this mortal coil.

With all that depressing existentialism out of the way, let’s get to the point that we’re all gathered here at the altar of content: to do a quiz.

We’ve got 15 famous quotes from football managers throughout the years – some more recent than others – and you have to tell us which of the three options actually said it.

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