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20th Sep 2019

QUIZ: Can you guess the Will Ferrell movie from a single image?

Ciara Knight

If Will Ferrell could will ferrells, how many ferrells would Will Ferrell will to ferrell?

Will Ferrell, am I right?

He is in every movie, but at the same time, he is simply not in enough movies.

The American government are currently looking to get a law into effect which stipulates that no movie can be made without a brief cameo from William Ferrell, even the serious ones about sad things.

Once that law is passed through congress, it will be made mandatory worldwide. Finally, something good will be in the news and we can stop feeling sad every time Sky News sends a push notification, just for one day.

But, for now, how good are you at identifying Will Ferrell movies that already exist from one single image? Is that a skill you have acquired, you big idiot? Oh, it actually is?

Prove it.

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