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02nd Mar 2018

Remainers are all saying the same thing about this ‘Tory plant’ on Question Time last night

'Hello. I'm a bit simple and I believe what The Sun tells me'

Oli Dugmore

‘Hello. I’m a bit simple and I believe what The Sun tells me’

Question Time was a doozy last night, a real humdinger replete with Nigel Farage, Dimblebanter and gammon. For a quick summary head to our Twitter account but here’s a highlight:

Other than that minor event, one audience member caught a lot of viewers attention. And not just for his lid. Although it was mentioned. This young man was noticed because he has in fact been interviewed before by VICE at the Conservative party conference.

Politically engaged person participates in political TV show, no biggy. No, the reason why “Tory plant” caught so much flack is what he said on the mic. Namely: “I’d like to ask the lady down there, what did you vote for? Did you vote for an EU army? Did you vote for Turkey to join the EU? Did you vote for an EU super-state? What Remain did you vote for?”

The snooded part of his statement copped a lot of abuse.

Turkey applied to join the EU in 1999 and many see the nation as key to resolving the migrant crisis on Europe’s shores. However, the Turkish application was suspended in 2016 due to concerns about human rights and the rule of law.

Support for membership among the the country’s population has declined since 2010 and, if the UK were still a part of the EU, it would have a veto on any new member joining the regional bloc Any member country of the Council of the European Union is required to explicitly approve new nations joining.

Twitter knows this and Remainers quickly called it out.

I know the BBC has to be impartial, what about being duly accurate…