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29th May 2018

Speaking to the man who went ‘undercover as a racist’ at an EDL march

Niko Omilana explains how he rinsed the EDL

Oli Dugmore

Niko Omilana explains how he rinsed the EDL

Niko Omilana has taken to mocking the EDL like a pig to shit.

Under the pretence of spending “24 hours undercover as a racist,” he recently went to an EDL demonstration. He created a fake YouTube channel called EDL TV, joined a Facebook event for the march and met up with a white bloke called Dean for additional EDL credibility.

It’s funny and you should watch it.

We spoke to him about the idea and what’s next.

Tell us about yourself.

My name’s Nikolas Omilana, I’m 20 years old and I went to University of the Arts London, but I dropped out on my first day.

Did you say you left on your first day? Why? What happened?

So I did Media at college but I got there and this girl was talking about how she wanted to film the process of pooing.

I thought I could do better by myself.

Why did you want to go to the EDL march?

My biggest video was pretending to be a celebrity at Asda. I pretended to be an American director, with a really bad accent, and they showed me all around. In the kitchen, everything.

I wanted to satirise people who were deserving of it, like the EDL.

They’re racist and I’ve experienced racism myself.

Do you edit the video yourself?


Was there anything that happened that didn’t make the final edit?

Yeah loads. Extreme things like “Muslims should take the pill,” so they can’t have children. I didn’t want to put that in obviously, but also because YouTube might demonetise the video, which why’ve done now anyway.

What’s next?

I’d like to do something linking the two, like reading out the death threats I’ve received.

You’ve had death threats?

Yeah but I’m a YouTuber, I’m used to it. At least I know the source of a lot of them now.

Have you gone to the police?

No I haven’t. I don’t think they’re going to turn up to my house , they’re not capable of finding me. And if they did I’d probably just get my camera.

There’s one way to stop yourself from being bullied on the internet…

Yeah close your eyes, but I’m not at that stage yet. I just laugh.

Finally, who are the middle aged people who co-star in your videos?

They’re my mate’s dads.