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01st Sep 2022

Man wakes up to Boris Johnson surrounded by police raiding his house

Jack Peat

‘I thought I was dreaming’

A man got the shock of his life after he awoke to Boris Johnson raiding his flat surrounded by police officers.

In a video posted on SnapChat, the man holding the phone asks ‘wagwan Boris?’ as the outgoing Prime Minister joined law enforcement on their drills.

He asked “bro, how the f**k did I get raided and Boris Johnson’s there?” following the bizarre incident on Wednesday morning.

Footage of the encounter emerged when the PM attended a police raid on Wednesday with specialist officers near Lewisham, south London.

The smiling Tory leader, who is wearing a protective vest, replies: “Good morning, how are you doing?”

In a separate video, the man filming said he “felt like he was in a film, fam”.

“This is actually mad. I saw Boris Johnson in my face’, he added. ‘Do you know how drunk I was last night? I feel like a madman.

“I woke up to a 6am raid and Boris Johnson’s in my face. Bro, how the f*ck did I get raided and Boris Johnson’s there?”

The man was reported as saying: “I woke up to see Boris Johnson in my face. I thought I was dreaming.

“I had a good time at [Notting Hill] carnival and I never expected it, pow, I was just so confused.”

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