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26th Jun 2017

Why Jeremy Corbyn is a disgrace for choosing Glastonbury over Armed Forces Day

This was a step too far...


Not. Good. Enough.

Noted soldier-hater and disgusting peacenik Jeremy Corbyn sensationally SNUBBED Our Brave Boys and Girls (soldiers) this weekend by not responding to a last-minute Armed Forces Day invitation, instead making a pre-booked appearance at Glastonbury Festival.

Armed Forces Day, a British tradition for generations ever since its inception in 2008, took place this weekend.

Tory MP James Heappey took the opportunity to invite the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn to an event in his Burnham on Sea constituency, via The Sun website for some reason. One attend would’ve equalled one respect.

In a SENSATIONAL SNUB to the armed forces, Corbyn failed to attend, leading to precisely ZERO respects being issued to troops.

In fact, other than issuing a statement thanking “our dedicated forces and veterans for their service, sacrifice and commitment”, the Labour leader completely failed to even acknowledge our dedicated forces and veterans for their service, sacrifice and commitment.

Instead, the hapless socialist appeared at Glastonbury Festival, on a stage that was built with money – which is capitalist, by the way – to deliver a virtue-signalling speech to hundreds of thousands of easily-duped people from every demographic.

Every demographic, that is, if they could afford TWO HUNDRED LITERAL POUNDS to buy a ticket. Onlookers also reported that many in the crowd were holding £3 cups of coffee, and iPhones, because these are also important details.

Corbyn’s speech featured his typical drivel, including pipe dreams such as an end to tuition fees (first introduced in 1998) and world peace. Really, Mr Corbyn? Advocating world peace on such a day? Just say that you hate soldiers and be done with it.

If you ask me, Glastonbury is an easy gig for Corbyn. Anyone can engage a crowd of tens of thousands of young people in a political discussion at a music festival. Let’s move the goalposts and see how he’d do. How would he go down at the Conservative Party Conference, for example? Or in my house, where I hate him?