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04th Jul 2018

Jeremy Corbyn calls for Bank Holiday if England win World Cup

James Dawson

It’s yet to be confirmed whether the Labour leader will personally deliver a bag of cans to every England fan’s door

The Labour Party has called on the Government to instate a one-off public bank holiday if when England win the World Cup.

And the good news for people living in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is that they will be given a chance to bask in the Three Lion’s glory, as the hypothetical day off would apply to all the nations of the UK – not just England.

Speaking after PMQs today a spokesman for Corbyn said the Labour leader had watched the shootout between England and Colombia last night, unlike Theresa May who found penalties too “nerve-wracking” to watch, according to Downing Street.

“The progress of the England team in the world cup is very exciting for people across the country,” the Labour spokesman added.

“Obviously we need not to get ahead of ourselves.

“But Jeremy believes that if England were to win the World Cup, there should be a public holiday in celebration.”

Labour is already proposing four new annual bank holidays, on St David’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, St George’s Day and St Andrew’s Day if they get into government.

During questions the PM praised England for their “very rare and welcome” win on pens, telling the team “keep that flag flying” over 10 Downing Street-  a reference to her promise to raise the flag of St George as long as they remain in the competition.

She said: “The country witnessed a very rare and welcome event last night: The England football team winning a penalty shoot-out.

“I think the explosion of relief and most of all joy could be felt up and down the country – not just in the smoking room in the House of Commons.”