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08th Jul 2022

‘I’ve had acid flashback less painful’: People share their horror over PM’s £200k refurb

Kieran Galpin

A document of the PM’s refurb bill has been leaked ‘

Brits are reacting to the £200k refurbishment of Boris Johnson‘s Downing Street flat, with many dubbing it a “horror” and wondering why they bought a £6,000 lamp.

A leaked document originally obtained by The Independent has showcased the various luxury goods Johnson and wife Carrie purchased to breathe some life into their number 11 flat. As one Twitter user pointed out, “They say money can’t buy you happiness. It appears it doesn’t buy taste either.”

Perhaps Johnson will be permitted to take the wallpaper, given his resignation Thursday.

Nureyev Trolley

There was no trip to IKEA for the Johnsons, with the cheapest item costing £500.

Some of the pricier items included two sofas totalling £15,000, a £3,675 drink trolly, furnishings and fittings costing £30,000 and whatever a £3,000 “paint effect” for the hallway is.

Brits have been reacting online, where most are questioning how this was allowed to happen.

Nureyev Trolley

“I’ve had acid flashbacks less painful than this eyesore!” wrote one user, while another quipped, “I hope Boris will be taking his ugly wallpaper with him.”

Others rightly pointed out that the country has been grappling with crisis after crisis, all while Johnson was staring at wallpaper that costs £2,260 and apparently looks gold.

“In the next couple of years, I’m hoping to get my foot on the property ladder,” one Twitter user said. “What Johnson spent on a flat refurbishment is bigger than my budget of 150k.”

Another said: “I thought I was extravagant when I bought a sofa from John Lewis rather than Ikea. I have no words to describe how crass this level of spending is.”

Other notable expenditures include upholstery curtains which came to £21,280 and £3,200 for “32m of sorolla red scrolling fern” for the dining room curtains.

After numerous scandals surrounding the financing of the refurbishment, Johnson agreed to foot the bill himself.

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