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14th Oct 2021

Insulate Britain have finally realised their protests aren’t helping anyone – temporarily

Ava Evans

Everyone’s favourite traffic wardens have written to the Prime Minister, pledging to halt disruption to Britain’s roads

Having spent five weeks making an absolute mess on our motorways, endangering their lives, and those of others, Insulate Britain, it seems, has finally come to its senses.

Well, temporarily.

The group has prevented parents from getting their children to school on time, lorry drivers from making delivery deadlines, and in one particularly harrowing tale, a woman was forced to wait in traffic while her 81-year-old mother was rushed to hospital without her. A man also claimed his mother was left paralysed, after she suffered a stroke during a 6-hour delay during one of Insulate Britain’s protests.

Insulate Britain’s totally bizarre strategy means the people on an hourly-rate suffer, while politicians writing the legislation watch on.

Insulate Britain on Thursday wrote to Boris Johnson, who is currently sunning himself in Southern Spain, to announce they are calling off their demonstrations until October 25. Ironically, Johnson, who infamously flew from London to Cornwall to attend a climate change meeting, has not yet had to face any disruption from the group. 

The letter to the PM asks for a “meaningful statement” that “your government will take the lead needed to insulate and retrofit our homes”. 

Johnson isn’t currently home to receive the letter, and even if he was, it’s questionable whether he would dignify a group he’s called “irresponsible crusties” with a response.

And it’s highly unlikely the government will pledge to insulate all of Britain’s homes anytime in the next fortnight. 

Typically in Britain, disrupting traffic is the perfect way to lose public support for a cause. 

In October 2019, sympathy waned for Extinction Rebellion (XR) after two protestors halted tube departures at Canning Town station in East London. 

Commuters watched their day-rate dwindle while protesters unravelled a series of posters. 

Senior XR figures were forced to admit it was a mistake to target London’s public transport network at rush hour. 

Regardless, no doubt we’ll see more disruption from Insulate Britain on Monday 25th October.

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