Dominic Raab and Liz Truss agree to share house in Kent 8 months ago

Dominic Raab and Liz Truss agree to share house in Kent

The children have been told to share their toys

The foreign secretary and deputy PM have been embroiled in a bitter row over...a stately home.


Chevening House, a Grade 1-listed, 115-room country house in Kent is traditionally awarded as a grace-and-favour country getaway for the foreign secretary.

Liz Truss replaced Dominic Raab as foreign secretary in the last cabinet reshuffle, meaning she gets the house.

Raab, demoted from the foreign office to justice secretary, became Deputy Prime Minister.


That title, in Raab's eyes, out-ranks foreign secretary.

The role, in the eyes of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is in-name-only.

While Johnson suns himself in Marbella, Raab has not been given the keys to number 10.

Ultimately, it is the Prime Minister's decision who takes the keys and since the two couldn't work out their differences, Johnson decided on a compromise.


A government spokesman said: "The deputy prime minister and foreign secretary will share access to Chevening as has happened in previous administrations."

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