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02nd Jul 2017

Donald Trump’s latest tweet is his strangest and most embarrassing one yet

Paul Moore

No word of a lie, this is unbelievable.

We all know that President Trump is never shy from expressing his opinion on Twitter – in fact, we even gathered some of his greatest hits here – but Trump’s recent effort has really upped the ante.

Granted, we know that he loves using Twitter as a smokescreen to distract the public from discussing the real issues at hand, but this latest effort really undermines the idea that any government official – regardless of their country or status – should carry themselves with a sense of decorum and dignity. Not that trump has ever worried about that.

On Sunday morning, at around 9:30am US time, Trump shared a video of himself back in his old WWE days, tackling Vince McMahon to the ground at Wrestlemania 23 before repeatedly bashing his head in, only in place of the original person’s head, there’s the CNN logo.

Wrestling fans will also be familiar with Stone Cold Steve Austin’s theme music playing in the background.

As we know, Trump has a long-running feud with the news organisation, whom he has repeatedly referred to as “fake news.”

Take a look at the clip below.

The video ends with a logo in the corner that says “FNN: Fraud News Network.”

Since this tweet was posted, plenty of people were quick to condemn the US President. We’re now living in a world where the president of the United States is tweeting out wrestling clips where he’s insinuating violence.


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