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06th Mar 2017

Donald Trump really should consider deleting all of these tweets

Presented without comment

Paul Moore

Presented without comment.

Like him or loath him, there’s no denying that Donald Trump will be in the White House for the best part of four years. You know, unless he gets impeached for treason.

Over the weekend, President Trump made headlines all over the world after he claimed that Barack Obama had wire-tapped his office before the presidential election. One hour and seventeen minutes later, he decided to tweet about a reality TV show.

In case you’re not following @realDonaldTrump on Twitter, you’re missing out.

Whisper it, but we think that President Trump might be using social media as a way to get the public and media to focus on the ‘smaller’ issues, a social media smokescreen if you will.

This being said, given that the 45th president of the United States is now the most powerful man in the world, he might consider getting one of his aides to delete some of these ‘interesting’ tweets.

Right, let’s start our roundup at the most logical point, the breakup between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Oh yeah, he’s also into the whole politics thing.

To be fair, he’s solid on global warming.

But what about the big issues of the day, like Katy Perry?

Ok, Donald. Maybe it’s time to take a break from Twitter. Go have a coke.

Fair enough, back to more diplomacy.

(Again, these are actual tweets from his account and they’re still available to read)

Remember that time he became a Jedi?

Ok, it’s clear that the newly elected president likes to keep up to date with the topical issues.

*Steve Jobs died in 2011.

Right, back to politics.

Yeah, but we can definitely trust his opinion on Batman.

This being said, he’s now the most powerful man in the world and can look down at us. He’s clearly smarter than most.

To be honest, who cares? The man is just ‘honered’ to serve.

Boo yakacha!

A chilling reminder that he has access to the nuclear codes.


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