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07th Jul 2018

New Brexit ad campaign seems to have completely forgotten about a large part of Northern Ireland

We imagine Arlene Foster won't be super pleased about this...

Rory Cashin

We imagine Arlene Foster won’t be super pleased about this…

The latest ad campaign by the Road To Brexit collective has been released, and it is full of facts and dates and figures and why Brexit is going to be great.

Y’know, pro-Brexit stuff.

You can check it out here, but see if you can spot what they’ve left out:

Did you spot it?

Not to worry, because someone on Twitter did…

Yep, the Brexit campaign only has six counties to keep an eye on in Northern Ireland, and they’ve already managed to misplace one of them.

And once it was pointed out the first time, well… you can imagine how the rest of Twitter responded…