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01st Aug 2019

The BMX riders using their bikes to keep people away from knife crime


Knife crime is a growing issue in the United Kingdom

Professional bike riders Ryan Taylor and Jake 100 are best known for their skills on two wheels. But they are putting their fame to good use.
Riding bikes helped these young men stay away from violence growing up, and now they’re trying to help others do the same.
Both of them have seen the damage knives can do to a community. “My best mate at school, his older brother was murdered, by being stabbed,” explains Jake. “And that was a big shock I guess, to see how it really affects someone that was close to me.”
“And then a year or two after that, my other best mate was stabbed. And then another year or two after that, my other best mate was stabbed thirteen times. I was just shocked because you never expect it to happen to someone close to you.”
Ryan also came from a background affected by similar issues.
“I was already on that route, I was always the kid that would try and escape the house, always in detention at school,” says Ryan, and admits he stole his first BMX.
“I started riding the bike, I stopped hanging around with the kids that were causing trouble.”

On Sunday 4 August, Ryan and Jake completed the Prudential 100 raising funds for anti knife-crime charity The Wickers, who are based in East London. You can donate to their JustGiving page here.