President Biden has overturned Trump's ban on transgender community serving in military 10 months ago

President Biden has overturned Trump's ban on transgender community serving in military

Biden said: "What I'm doing is enabling all qualified Americans to serve their country in uniform."

President Biden has overturned a Trump ruling which barred transgender individuals from serving in the military.


Since being officially inaugurated as 46th President of the United States last Wednesday, Biden has set about overwriting many of Trump's old policies.

Today, the Biden administration went one further - by overturning Trump's ban on those who identify as transgender from serving in the armed forces.

A White House statement published on Monday read:

"President Biden believes that gender identity should not be a bar to military service, and that America's strength is found in its diversity.

"All Americans who are qualified to serve in the armed forces of the United States should be able to serve. The all-volunteer force thrives when it is composed of diverse Americans who can meet the rigorous standards for military service, and an inclusive military strengthens our national security."

President Biden stands alongside US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin after signing today's order. (Photo: Getty)

Under this order, branches of the armed forces will no longer be allowed to discharge anyone on grounds of gender identity. Those attempting to join or reenlist in the military will also face no obstacle when it comes to gender identity.

Branches of the military will have to report to the federal government as to how the policy is being implemented.

Biden had apparently planned to overturn this ruling for some time. Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin fully supported Biden's ruling.

Austin said: "I fully support the President's direction that all transgender individuals who wish to serve in the United States military and can meet the appropriate standards shall be able to do so openly and free from discrimination.


"This is the right thing to do. It is also the smart thing to do."

According to 2019 data published by the Associated Press, around 14,700 US troops (actively serving and reservists) identify as transgender.