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13th Jun 2024

44% of Brits think Rishi Sunak should have to join the army whether he likes it or not

Jack Peat

Fair’s fair, Rishi…

New polling from Politics JOE shows overwhelming support for enrolling the prime minister in the army – regardless of whether he likes it or not.

Rishi Sunak kicked off the Conservative Party’s General Election campaign by announcing that all 18-year-olds would be made to undertake a form of “mandatory” national service if they are re-elected on July 4th.

Teenagers would choose between taking a 12-month placement in the armed forces or “volunteer” work in their community one weekend a month for a year under the proposals.

Critics from across the political divide have dismissed the plans as unserious while leading military figures expressed skepticism about how they would work and suggested the money would be better spent on armed forces investment.

Worst still, the plans could have backfired for the PM amongst members of the electorate, with more than four in ten Brits calling for Sunak to join the armed forces whether he likes it or not.

Polling released by Politics JOE has also found that just 2 per cent of Brits would show a picture of Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer to the barber and ask for his haircut, while three in ten 2019 Tory voters admitted to earnestly saying “God Save the King”.

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