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19th Jul 2022

Woman’s face ‘doubles in size’ after spending just an hour in the sun

Simon Bland


‘I’ve learned my lesson’

A woman has taken to TikTok to show her viewers how spending just an hour sunbathing made her face swell up to twice its size.

Eva Jones, who posts under the handle @EvaJones__ posted the clip in question just two days ago and it has already wracked up over 1.3 million views, 157K likes and 1,000 comments – with many users taken aback at the impact the weather has had on her skin.

The clip starts with a simple quote, explaining “Tanning for an hour won’t do much” – but continues to illustrate that this particular sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth.

As the 38-second video plays out, Jones shows pictures of her face as it continues to swell in size – all thanks to exposure to the sun.

Watch the clip below:

@evajones__British weather xx♬ use this if youre gay – alex ◡̎

Many in the comments section of Jones’ video were wondering why she’d decided to sunbath during one of the hottest days on record.

“girlie did u tan on the sun??” joked one.

“Why ppl don’t use suncream in weather like this is beyond me,” said another.

“Your face on one of the pictures was so red it lit my room up with a red glow” added a third.

However in a follow up video, Jones cleared up a few misconceptions – mainly that the incident didn’t actually happen during the red hot warm spell that’s currently gripping the nation and resulted in a red weather warning being issued.

@evajones__ Replying to @islarusso ♬ original sound – Eva Jones

“Just to confirm,” she begins, “that whole thing happened last Wednesday, not today or yesterday when it was ridiculous weather… I’m not that stupid.

“It was at the highest last Wednesday of 20 degrees.”

She adds: “I didn’t wear enough suncream, went to the beach, literally for an hour. There was a breeze so I didn’t think think it’d be as bad as what it was.”

Soon after, she noticed her whole face start to go red and begin to swell. While quick to confirm that she’s “not stupid” and of course wouldn’t venture out in this week’s heat without wearing suncream, Jones did later clarify that her swollen face was a result of heat stroke.

Heat stroke occurs when your body’s core temperature rises so high that it overheats and is usually a result of prolonged exposure to the sun or hot weather.

She added that “the moral” of the story is that, she “should’ve put suncream on whether it was 20 degrees or not” but when the video was filmed, it wasn’t “as ridiculous as it is today”.

She concluded: “It was 20 degrees, I’m just fair skinned. I’ve learned my lesson.”

Meanwhile as the country continues to heat up, the Met Office has already issued an amber weather warning ahead of thunderstorms and extended showers due on Wednesday.

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