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04th Sep 2022

Woman reveals why wages are much higher in US than the UK

Tobi Akingbade

Time to move to America y’all?

A social media influencer has explained why salaries are so much higher in America and it is causing a lot of us to re-think our life choices.

Moving to America may mean giving up free healthcare, but it can also mean a higher than average salary! Pick your poison.

TikToker Tory Trombley often offers advice to her followers about how to break into the tech industry and in a recent video she clears up why America pays more in that area.


Replying to @annietastic the reason for this baffles me… if anyone has the definitive answer please leave in the comments! #techtok #tech #breakintotech #us #uk #americans #america #london #salary #salarytransparency

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Dishing all the secrets, she says: “Unfortunately, it’s a fact that you make a lot less money in the UK versus what you would make in the US.”

“It’s pretty standard that for any job that you have,” she continues, “you would make about 40 percent less in the UK versus what you would make in the US.”

She adds: “So for example, if you’re making a certain amount in the UK and you decide to move to New York City, then you’ll get an immediate 40 percent pay raise. I’ve seen this happen in basically every industry except for some finance roles, but tech, consulting, finance, really anything.”

Explaining she further, she says: “And the only reason that I’ve been able to get from people in my company is that this is just the market rate in the UK, meaning that they can afford to just pay people less and people will still apply for the same jobs.”

So in short, we are being paid less because that’s accepted as the standard rate thanks to our own average cost of living.

“There’s definitely something to be said for cost of living in the UK to be a lot lower than in the US.”

This may be hard to believe, in the midst of our increasing cost of living crisis as many other users commented on the video: “UK offer: annual leave + bank holidays, maternity leave, paternity leave, sick pay, NHS health service inc. dental, pension, disability benefits.”

Meanwhile, another said: “but then it cost you 70k to see a doctor for 5mins”

A third echoed: “But how much annual leave to they get in US? & sick leave ? Also how is the work life balance ? Heard the US work culture is a lot more heavy.”

America doesn’t seem that appealing anymore does it?

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